Carpentary Work

Our innovative carpentry team does design and renovation of a variety of aspects from wooden trims to timber constructions. Our carpenters measure, mark up, cut, shape, fit and finish designs using a range of hand and power tools and machinery.

We install floor joists, floorboards, roof trusses etc. We fit interiors such as staircases, doors, skirting boards, cupboards/wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. We provide technical drawings for both residential and commercial buildings.

Acrylic Work

Acrylic work, praised by our clients as ‘exceptional’ is known for optical clarity and transparency. We create eye-catching fixtures, displays, LED innovations and carry across a branded environment with any material.

We offer end-to-end services and highly skilled project management to meet client's satisfaction and highest quality standards. Our expertise in design and custom fabrication allows us to deliver practical solutions for your project needs, for both large and small-scale projects

We are offer of Acrylic Services in:

  • Extruded Acrylic
  • Cast Acrylic